If it is Hair Removal for man and ladies, it is Azabujuban MDSA. bRoppongi, Azabu, Hiroo

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 In addition to the actual initial treatment, we will perform 30 minutes of counseling. First of all, we will explain gwhat we are going to do for the actual hair removal". If you have any questions or anxiety, please contact us.

1. We carefully shave the region that is to be treated.
By shaving the treatment area, the hair removal can be more efficient. Skilled staff will do this, taking into consideration your safety and hygiene. 
2. Cold cooling gel coat will be applied to protect and moisturize your skin.
Before removing hair, cooling down your skin will protect it from the heat, and hair removal can be performed safely. The gel has a moisturizing effect, so it will lead to  beautiful skin and prevent it from drying.
3. Since we use the latest hair removal equipment, the hair removal will be complete.
Although there are also individual differences, we start from the temperature which you feel a little warm. We can do the hair removal process that applies to the quality of your skin and hair type, we can remove the fine hair.
4. A cold towel will be applied to the treat area.
After removing the hair, we cool your skin with a cold towel as part of the aftercare. After the hair has been removed, the skin pores will gradually become unnoticeable and your skin will be more beautiful.
5. We apply soothing lotion ingredients to tighten the skin pores.
Since this lotion has the effect of calming, moisturizing and tightening, it leads to healthy, refreshing skin.

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