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What is is Hair Removal?

The IPL hair removal process works by sending a beam of light to a group of hair follicles with enough power to disable or destroy the root while not harming the surrounding skin. The IPL flash beam finds the hair follicles by targeting melanin (the substance that gives skin and hair color). It is important to note that the laser process will not work well on people that have red, white, gray or blond hair.

What is Hair Removal and Skin Pores?

If you continue to treat your skin yourself, shaving with a razor, the skin pores will become noticeable and will rash. MDSA is recommended for those people who have noticeable skin pores even after shaving. After the hair removal treatment, the pores gradually become unnoticeable, you will have smooth, clear skin. Additionally, MDSA in Azabujuban uses a calm gel ingredients to tighten the skin pores, this will lead to more beautiful skin with unnoticeable pores.

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